Lucy Leung


Founder of IDEO Image Management.

As an image and etiquette trainer and educator, Lucy Liang devotes herself to bringing the higher standards of professional image and manners to the people in China and overseas. She is certified from FIT, NYIRC and Emily Post Etiquette Institute. In pursue of her personal excellence and professional development, Ms. Liang has been working between the US and China since 2006, and has two offices in Shanghai, Dalian, China. Ms. Liang’s vison is to promote image consulting in order to touch lives. She has the vision to create a new business model for the image consulting industry.

Ms. Liang’s accomplishments are: founded the AICI Shanghai Chapter 16 years ago; VP Business Development of AICI International Board (2016-2018; Secretary of AICI International Board (2014-2016); and President of AICI Beijing Chapter (2007-2010). She was awarded AICI Award of Excellence for Contribution 2018-2019.

She is the author of four books published in China: Clothes Tell Who You Are, What Not to Wear, Timeless Elegance,Image and Personal Branding Management

Ms. Liang is bilingual in Chinese and English, and conversational in Cantonese.

Lucy Liang lives in New York and travels frequently between US and China.

Secretary: Naana Badu

Naana Badu is the Founder and CEO of Badu Basics, a styling and image consulting firm, based in Brooklyn, NY, that teaches growth-minded women of color how to transform their style to feel unstoppable in their business or career.

For over 15 years, Naana worked in Corporate America as a management consultant and contractor for IBM and Deloitte, respectively. Her specialization - change management - involves understanding client needs and applying strategies to help them adjust to change during large business transformation initiatives.

In 2008 she fused this business acumen with her passion and talent for fashion and creativity to launch Badu Basics and help women and men focus on personal development by transforming their style.

 As a stylist and image consultant, Naana specializes in coaching goal-oriented, high performing women of color professionals and entrepreneurs who want to elevate their wardrobe to exude confidence, be instantly recognizable, and stay 100% authentic in any room.

Naana has an Image Consultant Certification from the Fashion Institute of Technology and is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).