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The history of the International Association can find its roots right here in the city of New York. In the 1980s, Jennifer Parkinson had the idea to merge the east coast based National Association of Image Consultants with the Association of Image Consultants (which was then based out of the west coast) into one organization - the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

Jennifer’s idea was realized in 1989 when she and Alyce Parsons became Co-Chairs of the two newly-merged associations trying to find their identity as a single entity. The AICI New York Chapter was born out of that fruitful merger and, to this day, continues the tradition of crossing land and water to create a cohesive group of professionals that work for professional advancement.

New York has always been considered the ‘Great Melting Pot,’ and, as one of the largest AICI Chapters, it means we welcome members from far and wide. Currently, our membership base includes members from across the globe – England, China, the West Indies, Israel, Japan, Korea, Germany, Peru, Brazil, Holland and even a diverse population of Americans from North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, West Virginia, the District of Columbia, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Our membership’s approach to image consulting is as diverse as the membership itself. Our specialties run the gamut from style, color, & wardrobe consultants, media trainers in verbal and non-verbal presentation skills, career coaches, professional organizers, to teachers authors, personal shoppers, cosmetic & skincare specialists, hairstylists, clothing and accessory designers, product developers, and etiquette & protocol experts.

The New York Tri-State Chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International is also very proud of its philanthropic partnership with Gilda’s Club, Bottomless Closet, and the Wise Institute by holding image-related events and seminars for their members and students.



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